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Allow sending character sequences

It would be very handy if I could send character sequences like "i10n" "gac".
I'm using Sublime Text 2 and have a lot of char sequences that expand via Tab.

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    Frederik Reifschneider shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • dv commented  · 

        yup. i would like that too. i use qCad and its shortcut keycodes are MV, LI, QQ and so on

      • AdminActions support (Founder, Usefool) commented  · 

        Ok guys, as you can see a part of these requests is ready as the "Snippet" action type.
        Now Actions is able to send text snippets, and we will gradually add to this module some new options.
        The other part, to make sequences, is coming: Macros are closer!

      • Daniel Böttner commented  · 

        As commented this feature is a heavy need.
        I kind of expected this to be a basic feature as I bought the app.

        For example I would like to combine two steps in one click/touch

        1. open a VPN application and connect
        2. open remote desktop an connect

        Also even if I only want to open a rdp connection I'll need parameters like IP, user credentials, ... to be really use full.

        Even in Photoshop and other applications the App will be really usefull if you are able to trigger several shortcuts in a row (resize -> apply filter -> ...) like an photoshop action itself.

        And there are many more examples.

        Please include this features as soon as possible.

      • Pauli commented  · 

        It'd be great if those sequences could be as long as possible in order to use them for text blocks (let's say address/signature in emails or standard text you often use). This means it should be capable of carriage returns (good old "enter") in the text field, too.

      • Cato commented  · 

        If this includes things like more than one character shortcut I'm all for it. For example, in excel, removing a filter is ALT, H, S, C. Whereas currently there's only the functionality to create one letter following the "command keys".

      • Thomas Humphrey commented  · 

        Yes this would be brilliant if we could send say what ever is copied across to the host computer.

      • Kristian Blåsol commented  · 

        This could be said to be the same as macros, where an action is not only a two button sequence, but could be many buttons, and many commands in serial, with a short pause between, (eg. ctrl + c [pause] ctrl + v)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        +1 on this and also because of Sublimte Text 2 :)

      • LeonC112 commented  · 

        This would be great..
        1. it will allow us to be able to launch any application together with 'spotlight', 'alfred'.. (e.g. command + space + system = system preference)

      • Thomas commented  · 

        Yes, that would be great. I would like to have this for Lightroom, because there are some shortcuts which working different according to the module you are working with.

      • Sebastian Stenzel commented  · 

        that would be really great! you could use that feature to send messages in online multiplayer games for example :)

      • Mark Jaquith commented  · 

        Also useful for things like the more esoteric Gmail shortcuts ("Select All" is *, A). This is, in my opinion, the major feature holding the app back.

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